Apocalypse of Air
15:00 to 17:00 - 06/02/2022

Rudersdal Chamber Players, poet Ditte Steensballe and the artists' association "Stablede Kanter" make music, poetry and visual art melt together. Focusing on the element AIR and its symbolism in regard to death, the concert is part of the chamber players' 4-year project on the Four Elements.

During WW2 some of the most brutal attacks came through the air with "Luftwaffe". Ditte Steensballe read her own texts inspired by eyewitnesses' reports on the attacks. Isabelle Bania and Manuel Esperilla will play "Fantasy Sonata" by Paul Hindemith who was on the list of "entartete" composers.
All four musicians will play Georges Enescu's 2nd piano quartet which is composed during the heaviest attacks on Romania in the last years of the war. Despite the dramatic circumstances the music is "airy" and impressionistic. Stablede Kanter has created an art video for the quartet trying to illustrate the presence of a spirit, like the soul that just left the body.

The Irish composer Raymond Deane has composed a new piano quartet with inspiration from various texts about "air" and "death" like the Apocalypse and Paul Celan's "Death Fugue"
"...then you rise as smoke into the air
then you've a grave in the clouds where you don't lie too close"

Entrance: DKK 100. BUY TICKET