Her Bach is informed by her own profound experience with contemporary music. And that attitude suits Bach perfectly.
There are no limits to the expressiveness of the solo violin, at least when played as it is here. It seems to have more diverse expressions on its own than it does with other instruments (in chamber music playing). It warrants concentration as you listen, but thanks to Christine Pryn’s intense concentration and personal intensity of playing you are richly rewarded. Everything is carefully thought out and performed with great variety. John Christiansen, jcKlassisk


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Lera Auerbach

It was a great pleasure to have the internationally acclaimed Lera Auerbach as festival composer at Rudersdal Sommerkoncerter this year. I enjoyed performing her chamber music and solo work. From left: me, the great Polish composer Rafal Augustyn, Lera Auerbach, ambassador Henryka Moscicka-Dendys, violinists Szymon Krzeszowiec and Marcin Markowicz.


Kunstnerisk samarbejde mellem violinist Christine Pryn og billedkunstner Lotte Tauber Lassen.


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