Press cuttings translated!

Finally I got the English translations of the reviews of “Signature”. It is quite a challenge to translate such colorful language!

“The interpretations are logical and well shaped with dashes and breaks in the sometimes very information-packed musik. As a bonus the contemporary music is framed by a chilled version of the immortal Chaconne from Partita No 2 by J.S. Bach. Beautiful!


“It becomes somewhat of a voyage of discovery for the listener, a very exciting one – because Christine Pryn invites us to a real tour de force with her powerful playing!”

Kristeligt Dagblad

“Now that we are talking Awards I want to issue my own award, the one for the most important recording artist in 2015. There is no doubt that it is the violin player Christine Pryn. Her most recent recording is the CD “Signature”, crowned by Bach’s famous Chaconne from the d-minor Partita. This is the conclusion of a colourful kaleidoscopic landscape of music much closer to our time, music by Bent Soerensen, by Augustyn, by Schnittke, by Boulez and by Berio. It is a revelation what can be done by a solo violin and how expressive it is when played like this. Pryn’s well-considered and tension-laden interpretations display a profound concentration and a deep personal expressivity that touch the heart.”


“She is in charge of the whole emotional gamut.
She folded out the universe of Bent Sørensen’s “The Lady of Shalott” with sensitive playing and tightly controlled dynamics, fast as lightning. Again she demonstrated her superlative control over the rise and fall of dynamics in Polish composer Rafal Augustyn’s “Cyclic Piece No. 1”.
Pryn is forming those intense shafts of light following beautiful, quite playing with a well-controlled vibrato.
Her interpretation of Alfred Schnittke’s “A Paganini” is brilliant, in diverse, two-part sounds followed by a dialogue with herself. One side is shouting furiously, the other teasing. The discourse ends unresolved.
Bach’s famous “Chaconne” is the last track on the album. Christine Pryn performs it beautifully and touchingly, with a sure sense of style and without assaulting the listener.”


“Her Bach is informed by her own profound experience with contemporary music. And that attitude suits Bach perfectly.
There are no limits to the expressiveness of the solo violin, at least when played as it is here. It seems to have more diverse expressions on its own than it does with other instruments in chamber music playing. It warrants concentration as you listen, but thanks to Christine Pryn’s intense concentration and personal intensity of playing you are richly rewarded. Everything is carefully thought out and performed with great variety.”


“This is one of the best CDs I have reviewed this year. The quality of the playing matches the sheer imagination of the programme.”

Musicweb International