Christine Pryn is the artistic director of Rudersdal Sommerkoncerter, violinist in Rudersdal Chamber Players and co-founder of Musikforum Frederiksberg.


Christine Pryn is the artistic director and founder of Rudersdal Sommerkoncerter, a summer festival beautifully located 20 km from Copenhagen. The concerts take place in different venues including castles and churches as well as the more untraditional ones such as a railway station, a car museum and a parking garage.

Rudersdal Sommerkoncerter programmes a wide repertoire from early music through the classical and romantic period to contemporary music and world music. Every year two festival composers are appointed who will have several performances during the festival.

Cultural exchange is a high priority for Rudersdal Sommerkoncerter and projects have included artists from the USA, Norway and Poland. The board members have decided to focus in particular on music from Eastern Europe collaborating with Internationale Musikverlage Hans Sikorski in Hamburg.

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Together with recorder player Louise Hjorth Hansen and flutist Karolina Leedo, Christine has founded Musikforum Frederiksberg. The forum organizes various kinds of chamber concerts including interdisciplinary projects.



The most defining word describing Rudersdal Chamber Players is UNLIMITED

– Unlimited in creativity – because we are devoted to convey the music in new ways doing interdisciplinary projects with visual artists, journalists, historians, etc.

– Unlimited in sound – because the ensemble can be transformed to larger or smaller groups of various instruments.

– Unlimited in expression – because we play anything from baroque to romantics and contemporary music

The ensemble was founded on request of the internationally acclaimed composer Lera Auerbach, who was composer in residence at Rudersdal Sommerkoncerter 2017. Praising the programming and the atmosphere of the festival, she found that a flexible ensemble of devoted chamber musicians would take the it to new heights.

Already before the official debut, Rudersdal Chamber Players attracted much attention internationally. Besides the residency at Rudersdal Sommerkoncerter, the ensemble has appeared at major Danish festivals such as Golden Days Festival, Sorø International Music Festival and Copenhagen Art Week and future projects include touring in Poland and the United States.

In August 2018, Rudersdal Chamber Players performed works by the renowned Giya Kancheli, who expressed his admiration:

Rudersdal Chamber Players is an outstanding ensemble. All members are first class instrumentalists with a responsive attitude and a deep understanding of the musical material. This is the chamber music making at very high level. For the first time ever I listened to a performance of my piano quartet ”In l’istesso tempo” without having anything to criticise. I also enjoyed the Rudersdal Chamber Player’s energetic, devoted and well-balanced interpretations of Brahms and Mozart. The audience was enthusiastic and the whole atmosphere at the concerts was indeed wonderful.

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